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Accueil des Biodistricts Européens à la Mairie de Die-26



Pictures of the visit of the European Biodistricts in Die-France during the 14th meeting of Ecologie au Quotidien


Liens pour visionner des photos de la visite des Biodistricts Européens pendant les 14èmes Rencontres d'Ecologie au Quotidien :


Links to see movies of European Biodistricts in Die-France in January 2016


Liens pour visionner des interview des personnes représentants les Biodistricts Européens en visite à Die-France


Les personnes intéressées pour participer à un voyage dans le cadre du projet européen "CENTRE : Création d'un Réseau de Biodistricts Européens afin de parvenir à une Réelle Renaissance des Territoires" peuvent nous contacter pour plus d'information. 


1- San Léo 5 au 7 Septembre 2015 ITALIE
2- Die FRANCE   22 au 24 janvier 2016
14èmes Rencontres d'Ecologie au Quotidien

3rd: 29/30/31 Mai 2016 - Petrosino - ITALIE 

Événement sur les Biodistricts

4th: 22 au 24 Juillet 2016 - Plano Patres – CHYPRE 

Festival des Plantes


5th: 26/27/28  Août 2016 Berovo - MACEDOINE

Festival Ethno Square

6th: 14/15/16 Octobre 2016 - Hranice - REPUBLIQUE TCHEQUE

Foire Paysanne

Ecologie au Quotidien


 Programme des 3 Jours d'accueil des Biodistricts européen à Die et dans la Biovallée  du 21 au 23 janvier 2016.


Thursday 21 01 16

Arrival for some persons in the Salle Polyvalente Bd du Ballon –Die

19h Diner in the Salle Polyvalente with the hosts and the Volunteers organising the festival.


Friday 22 01 16 : 

Morning : Welcome when you arrive and in the Salle Polyvalente Bd du Ballon in Die. Visit of Die-26

12h : Organic and vegetarian meal in the Festival

14h : Welcome in the Salle Polyvalente Bd du Ballon in Die and  linking with the hosts.

Morning and afternoon : Visit of ecological companies and organic farmers in Die or participation to the conference s of the Festival.

15h Visit of an associative Bio Grocer's shop

16h Visit of Nateva : a Company of organic healing plants

18h30 : Welcoming ceremony of the major and the elected representatives of Die in the city hall

19h30 : Diner

After : Going to sleep or at 20h30 participate to a Theatralized conference " the world is changing and us?" 

and for those who desire :

22h30 A concert of Neapolitan folk songs "Neapolis"


Saturday 23 01 2016 

9h :   Departure for another part of the Biovallée : Vallée de la Drôme

10h : Film on the Biovalley-Drôme - Meeting with the Biovallée association and the actors and elected representatives of the Biovallée in the Eco-Amphitheater " the Campus" of the Eco-Site of Eurre-26. Presentation of the CENTRE Partners. Visit of the Eco-Site Eurre-26

12h :  Organic Meal at the restaurant “ Moun Païs”

14h : Visit of eco-construction, an organic pole and Organic farmer

16h30 : Film on the Biovalley-Drôme - Presentation of the CENTRE partners and the actors, elected representatives in the Ecological Festival in Die and debate on the theme" to build together Innovative territories" with the public.

18H30 Opening ceremony of the 14th Festival of day to day ecology

19h30 Dîner in “Laubergerie” ina small village “ Barnave”

21h Folk Ball or  discussion between the CENTRE Partners


Sunday 24 01 2016

9h Discovery/explanation about  the river Drôme in Saillans, a village managed by the inhabitants with a participative democracy. Visit of the local Market.

12h Organic meal " Discovery of the local products" in an eco-host “ la lune en bouche” Saint Andéol en Quint

14h Discussion between the CENTRE Partners

Afternoon : Departure for some people or going back to the program of the festival


Waiting the pleasure to meet you,


Best regards,

Anne Tesson

04 75 21 00 56

O6 65 05 61 47


Arrivées des Biodistricts Européens :


1- San leo 21 01 to 24 01 16

from San Leo there will be 2 persons:
Claudia Imola, Tourism Office of San Leo.   Giulia Allegrucci, Fin Project.


2- Petrosino 21 01 to 24 01 16

Luca Badalucco, the Municipality of Petrosino will send 3 participants:
Dott Badalucco, Councillor of the Municipality
Mr Lorenzo Pagliaroli - Mayor of Poggioreale
Mrs Simona Chessa, wife of Lorenzo Pagliaroli
21/01/2016 intorno alle ore 12,00 at Marseille / departure 24/01/2016 in the morning.


3- République Tchèque 22 01 to 24 01 16
Michaela Škrobánková We will travel 21st January afternoon, spent one night in Lyon and
Friday 22nd January we will travel by train to Valence and then to Die. So I will just check the time of the trains and I guess we will be at your place before
noon :-) Unfortunately the flight back on Sunday is already at 13:25 from Lyon. leave in the morning.


4- Slovénie 22 01 to 24 01

Dott. Mag. Heidi Olenik + Giuliano / Regionalni razvojni center Koper Centro regionale di sviluppo Capodistria Regional Development Centre Koper  Ulica 15. maja 19 6000 Koper  Telephone: +386 5 663 75 80

5- Lettonie

 From Latvia we will be 2 persons - Anita Dukure and Vija Bērziņa (Vija Berzina)
1.22. Riga - Frankfurt - Lyon 6: 30-10: 00 - airplane
1.22. Lyon Airport - Valence (13: 42-14: 11) - train
1.22. Valence - Die 15: 30-16: 48 - train (Anne, I hope you will pick up us in this time!)
24.01. Die - Valence 16: 38-17: 58

6- Macédoine 21 01 to 25 01

In this event are going to participate two persons : mayor Dragi
Nadzinski and Valentina Kolevska
They are going to arrive at Marseille 21January in 11:10 o’clock-Terminal 3
And their leaving will be at 25 January 12:00 o’clock
Would you like to organize the trip from Marseeile till the Bivalley
of Drome France ?

6- Chypres

We will arrive at Valence TGV on the 21st at 14.48 and we will appreciate it very much if you can arrange for someone to pick us. Yioula & Panayiotis



Programme San Léo


Europe for Citizens project CENTRE
Creating a European Network of Bio-Districts to achieve a True Territorial Renaissance
Programme of the first event
5th / 6th / 7th September 2015
San Leo (ITALY)
Saturday, 5th of September 2015 HOSPITALITY
15:00 19:00 Arrival of partners at Rimini Station - Welcome by Fin Project srl staff
19.00 20.00 Transfer from Rimini to San Leo
Dinner and accommodation in San Leo
Sunday, 6th of September 2015
Informal dress code
09:00 13:00 Workshop at Town Hall of San Leo (Palazzo Mediceo)
- Welcome to the participants by a representative of the Municipality (max. 8 minutes)
- Project partners present themselves (PowerPoint presentation - max 5 minutes each partner)
- (10.30) Coffee break
- (11.00) Learning by Doing
- Participants and Citizens will learn about Urban gardens
13:00 14:30 Lunch in San Leo offered by the hosting partner
14:30 16:00 Technical Meeting
- Definition of the detailed timetable of next project events, Signature of the Cooperation Agreement by all partners and by each authorized person , Dissemination activities, List of Participants
16:00 17.00 Local event
- Participation in the festival recalling the Renaissance at the Fortress of San Leo
17:00 19:00 Guided tour in San Leo (Fortress, Historical centre, Churches)
19.00 20.00 Free time
20:30 22:00 Social Dinner in San Leo offered by the hosting partner
- Return to the hotel
Monday, 7th of September 2015
Informal dress code
- (08:00) Departure from hotel – Transfer from San Leo to Pietracuta
09:00 10:30 Study Visits
- Guided visits to IRCI (, Olivucci, Lazzi
10.30 11.00 Coffee break
11.00 13.00 Public Forum on Biodisticts
- Testimonies of local actors in the issues of ecology, sustainable development, recycling, etc.
13.00 Closure of Activities
13.00 14:30 Brunch offered by the hosting partner
14.30 16:00 Departure of partners
- Transfer from Pietracuta to the Rimini station / Rimini airport.
*N.B. The time schedule might be changed during the days of the event due to logistical reasons




Questionnaire distribué aux participants


1)      What makes you feel citizen of the European Union? (max. 2)


Qu’est-ce qui fait que vous vous sentez un(e) citoyen(ne) européen(ne) ? (Pas plus de 2 réponses)


a)      To be able to vote for your representatives at the European Parliament


Voter pour ceux qui vous représentent au Parlement Européen


b)      To study and work abroad / Faire des études à l’étranger


c)      To receive health care in other European countries


Recevoir des soins de santé dans d’autres pays européens


d)      To present petitions to the European Parliament/Présenter des pétitions au Parlement Européen


e)      Crossing borders without control of ID documents


Traverser des frontières sans se faire contrôler son identité


f)        Always use the same currency(Euros)/ L’uniformité des devises (l’euro)


g)      Other/ Autre _____________________________________________________________




2)      Do you know what the European Union does for its citizens?


Savez-vous ce que fait l’Union Européenne pour ses citoyens ?


·         YES / OUI


If yes, what ? Si oui, que fait-elle ?_________________________________________________




·      NO / NON


3)      Do you actively participate to the democratic life ?                                                                                       Participez-vous activement à la vie démocratique ?                                                                                     YES/OUI    If so, how?/ Si oui, comment ?


a)      Participation in online consultations offered by local authorities


Participation en ligne à des discussions proposées par les autorités locales


b)      Participation in public meetings, round tables, meetings organized by public bodies


Participation à des réunions publiques, tables rondes, rassemblements organisés par des autorités publiques


c)      Participation in municipal / county councils


Participation aux Conseils Municipaux, Généraux, Régionaux


d)      Other/ Autre__________________________________________________________




·         No/Non


4)      What do you associate to the term “biodistrict”?                                                                                   A quoi associez-vous le terme « biodistrict »  ?                                                        ________________________________________________________________________                                                                                                         


5)     How often do you consume organic foods? (max 1)


A quelle fréquence consommez-vous l’alimentation biologique ? (1 réponse)


a) Daily /Tous les jours


b) Weekly/ Toutes les semaines


c) Monthly/ Tous les mois


d) Rarely/ Rarement


e) Never/ Jamais




6)      What aspects of sustainable development should have priority (maximum 2) ?                                  A votre avis, quels aspects du développement durable devraient être prioritaires ?


a) alternative energy/ L’énergie alternative


b) Biodiversity/La biodiversité


c) Sustainable waste recycling/ Le recyclage écologique des déchets


d) Sustainable water management/ La gestion durable de l’eau


e) Landscape protection / hydrogeological alterations


La protection des paysages / des altérations hydrogéologiques


Other/Autre _____________________________________







The project « CENTRE - Creating a European Network of Bio-Districts to achieve a True Territorial REnaissance » was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme "Europe for Citizens"



Applicable to the Strand 2 – Measure 2.2 "Networks of Towns"



6 events have been carried out within this project:

Event 1


Participation: The event involved 101 citizens, including


- 2 participants from the city of Naukseni (Latvia),

- 2 participants from the city of Hranice (Czech Republic)

- 4 participants from the city of Die (France),

- 2 participants from the city of Koper (Slovenia),

- 4 participants from the cities of Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Augsburg (Germany),

- 3 participants from the cities of Besançon, Strasbourg (France),

- 2 participants from the city of London (UK),

- 2 participants from the city of Salzburg, Villach (Austria)

- 1 participants from the city of Prague (Czech Republic)

- 78 participants from the city of San Leo, Atessa, Modena, Siena, Rimini, Brescia, Macerata, Bolzano, Pesaro, Firenze, Lugo, Treviso, Civitavecchia, Forlì, Tortona, Napoli, Ravenna, Imola, Cesena, Faenza, Torino, Riccione, Novafeltria, Petrosino, Garlasco (Italy)


Location / Dates:

The event took place in San Leo (ITALY), from 05/09/2015 to 07/09/2015

Short description: 


The Municipality of San Leo, Lead Partner of the CENTRE project, organized a three days activity to introduce the main project issue such as the constitution of a bio-district, dealing with some of the themes connected to it: ecology, sustainable development, recycling, etc.

It has been possible to discuss and learn through Learning By Doing experience on Urban Gardens and visit some interesting examples of farms and/or enterprises known at local/national level for their innovative solutions in the field concerned.

This first meeting has been organized simultaneously to a Local Event, Festival “Torneo in Armatura” recalling the Renaissance at the Fortress of San Leo to foster active participation of Citizens and Tourists to project activities.

The first day of event started at the Conference call at the Town Council with the welcome of Mayor of San Leo, Mauro Guerra and the speeches of Sauro Sarti of the Province of Rimini and expert in urban gardens Architect Massimo Bottini.

The conference have been followed by a technical meeting related to the implementation of the project, in particular calendar of events, budget management, activities to be realized, dissemination and communication strategies etc.

In the afternoon, the delegation left the Town Council to join the Fortress of San Leo and assist to the exhibition and performance organized for the Festival “Torneo in Armatura”. A guided tour to the Fortress and historical centre followed the exhibition.

In the second day of the event, the agenda proposed three guided tours.

The first one at IRCI SPA Systems and Energy, enterprise specialized in aquaponics facilities.

Here it has been possible to get in touch with the innovative methods used by the enterprise to generate facilities in a sustainable ways.

Later on, it has been organized a guided tour at Farm “Azienda Agricola Lazzi”, agricultural company with expertise on the production of energy from biogas livestock and business photovoltaic systems to produce a high quality milk.

The event ended at Villa Olivucci of Alberto Olivucci, President of “Civiltà Contadina” (“rural culture”), Villa Olivucci is a unique reality; a house dating back to XVI century surrounded by a luxuriant nature cultivation of old vegetable varieties and coordinates the activities of the Association Kokopelli Italy for the conservation of biodiversity seed.

In this singular place, the event concluded with an Open Forum on bio districts with testimonies of local actors on issues of ecology, sustainable development, recycling.




Event 2

Participation: The event involved 101 citizens, including


- 2 participants from the city of Naukseni (Latvia),

- 2 participants from the city of Hranice (Czech Republic)

- 6 participants from the cities of Poggioreale, Petrosino, Grugliasco, Rimini (Italy),

- 2 participants from the city of Koper (Slovenia),

- 2 participants from the city of Berovo (Macedonia),

- 2 participants from the city of Platres (Cyprus),

- 1 participants from the city of Montreal (Canada),

- 13 participants from the city of Bruxelles, Louvein (Belgium),

- 1 participants from the city of Barcelone (Spain),

- 1 participants from the city of Stuttgart (Germany),

- 1 participants from the city of (Burkina-faso),

- 69 participants from the city of Lyon, Saillans, Eurre, Grenoble, Chambery, Avignon, Die, Ardèche, Valence, Crest, Marseille, Bordeaux,  Gap, Allauch, Messy, Aouste, (France)


Location / Dates: The event took place in Die (France) from 22/01/2016 to 24/01/2016

Short description: 

The second CENTRE meeting was held in Die (France) from the 22th to 24th of January 2016, during the XIV edition of the “Rencontres Ecologie au Quotidien”.

The organization of the meeting during the well-known Festival gave a strong dissemination to the project not only to the local audience (citizens, volunteers, policy-makers etc...) but also to a huge number of participants/volunteers coming from different part of France and Europe.

The CENTRE participants received a warm hospitality from the people responsible for the Festival and volunteers of the Association Ecologie au Quotidien, partner of the CENTRE project, which accompanied the group of participants during the 3 days. All participants, hosted by families, had to possibility to relate directly to local citizens, discover traditional habits and local culture, history and environment.

The moments dedicated to lunch and dinner were a precious time to talk with families, volunteers, other participants and build interesting and fruitful ties with people.

The first day of meeting (22/01/16) included a visit to the town of Die and the “Ancient Monastery of Sainte Croix”, founded in the 12th Century and located in the hilltop village. In the area of the Monastery, there are two hectares of green space including a botanic garden, a terraced garden and a wooden park with a great variety of trees. The old Monastery offers an ideal setting for trying delicious local specialities.

During the afternoon, it was possible to visit ecological companies and organic farmers, in particular the associative Bio Grocer's shop and Nateva. Nateva is located in the Vercors Regional Nature Reserve, at the heart of the Biovallée and in the prime organic production area in France (Drôme Department). The laboratory is well placed as a production facility for transforming wild crafted and cultivated organic medicinal and aromatic plants.

The Mayor of Die, Mr Gilbert Trémolet, and his staff, has concluded the first day with a meeting at the City Hall with a Welcoming ceremony.

The second day of meeting (23/01/16) took place in another part of the Biovallée: Vallée de la Drôme.

The programme included a presentation of the Biovallée association, the actors and elected representatives of the Biovallée in the Eco-Amphitheater “the Campus" of the Eco-Site of Eurre-26. In this occasion, all EU partners presented themselves and the project to the public audience.

The presentation has been followed by three visits to an eco-construction, an organic pole and an organic farm.

At the end of the day, CENTRE project and partner have been officially presented during the debate on the theme "To build together Innovative territories" at the Ecological Festival in Die. The debate was followed by the Opening ceremony of the 14th Festival of day-to-day ecology dedicated to the topic “Changer de vision” at the presence of Mayor, elected representatives, local actors and associations and public audience.

In the last and third day of meeting (24/01/16) the programme included a visit to Saillans, a village managed by the inhabitants with a participative democracy and a visit to the local Market and eco-host “La lune en bouche” in Saint Andéol en Quint.

The meeting ended after a final discussion between the CENTRE Partners on project’s activities and future collaborations.